January 19, 2022

Ultimate Guide To Clever Speech Ideas

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Around seventy-seven percent of people are afraid of public speaking. And, even if you’re not afraid, you may struggle to get your point across.

But, there are lots of ideas available to help you strengthen your skills. Let’s go through the top clever speech ideas you might want to incorporate into your next presentation.


Practicing your speech in advance is the best way to overcome speech anxiety. Try and record yourself speaking, so you can play it back and see what parts work and what parts don’t. Try not to insert filler words into your speech.

But you don’t want to over-rehearse your speech either. That can lead to it sounding robotic. Try and keep to a regular rehearsal schedule, rather than rehearsing your speech over and over for days on end.

You’ll want to practice your posture and how you stand while presenting your speech, too. You can’t just hunch yourself over the pages. Think about walking around while giving your speech, especially if you have a visual presentation to accompany your speech.

Structure Your Speech

When you’re writing your speech, you’ll want to make sure that it’s clear and concise. Begin by greeting your audience and introducing yourself if necessary. Have a hook off the top to draw people in, like a fact or an anecdote. Get to the thesis of your speech as quickly as you can so that your audience doesn’t get lost.

Plus, you’ll need a strong ending for your speech. Ensure that it’s an actual ending, too, that your audience will recognize.

Once you’ve written your speech, you’ll want to get feedback. Get a friend or a colleague to read through your speech and offer any suggestions. You can also use a recording of yourself giving the speech, so that they can hear the flow of the speech when it’s given.

Improvise (Within Reason)

Once you have the basics down, you can riff a little. Adding some off-the-cuff remarks can help improve the tone of your speech. Throw in a couple of jokes about the subject matter — as long as they’re appropriate!

Ultimately, you’ll want to stay as relaxed as possible when you’re giving a speech. Practice different breathing techniques to calm yourself down and help you keep your speech structural patterns even. Make eye contact with your audience to help them feel present and included in your speech.

Get Some Training

It’s never a bad idea to get some extra help before a big speech. Look into public speaking training options in your area.

You can also work on strengthening your overall communication skills. Think about your communication style and how you usually try to get information across. Think about if there are different ways for you to convey what you need.

Clever Speech Ideas: Get Started

Hopefully, you can use these clever speech ideas to knock the socks off your next audience.

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