January 19, 2022

8 Types of Missionary Work That Have a Lasting Impact

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Two-thirds of God is “go.” You’ve heard it said countless times before by your pastor, but it’s the truth. God has called Christians to go and reach the world, not to stay at home and build a cozy, safe life.

The final commandment Jesus gave while he was still on Earth was to go into all the nations of the world and point people to himself. And to this day, that is still our main mission as believers.

And because there are many different types of missionary work that we can focus on, there are countless opportunities for people to get involved, regardless of your background, your skills, or your passions.

If you’re ready to take the Great Commission seriously by engaging in missionary work, then read our missionary work guide down below to see eight different missionary work types to consider today.

  1. Evangelism

The core of missions is evangelism. Our main goal is to simply proclaim the goodness of God to all the people of the world, so they can know and trust Jesus for themselves.

Nothing you do is more important than simply proclaiming the gospel with words.

  1. Church Planting

One of the most important missionary work tips is to work within the context of a local church. Local churches are where new believers can gather together, be part of a family, and learn and grow together in their faith.

Planting new churches will go a long way in making a lasting impact on many people, for many years to come.

  1. Medical Missions

In many third-world nations, medical procedures that you and I take for granted are considered a luxury. Millions of people cannot afford to get a life-saving procedure done.

Medical missions teams volunteer their professional skills by going into remote areas and offering free medical care, changing the lives of thousands of people every year.

  1. Dental Services

Along with medical care, people everywhere are in severe need of dental care. Performing basic dental procedures can help eliminate pain and prevent bigger issues from arising.

  1. Work With Refugees

The refugee crisis is bigger than the media makes it out to be. After the camera crews leave, millions of people are still stuck living in refugee camps, often for many years. Many missionaries devote their time to serving the people of these camps, who are often hopeless and helpless.

  1. Prison Ministry

In every nation, there are prisons full of people who have no family that comes to visit them. They are alone. In many countries, there are ministries that visit local prisons on a daily basis to spend time listening to inmates, providing a much-needed friend in a dark and hopeless situation.

  1. Food and Supplies Distribution

In areas that are ravaged by poverty, war, or natural disaster, food, and supplies can mean the difference between life and death. Many mission sending organizations will partner with locals to help distribute life-saving supplies to those who need them most.

  1. Business as Missions

Have a heart for the business world? By starting a business abroad, you can impact people by creating jobs and being a light in whichever industry and area you are working in.

Countless Types of Missionary Work

There are many other types of missionary work not listed here as well. When it comes to missionary work benefits, there’s virtually no limit on what you can do. Anyone can devote their time, skills, and passions to seeing nations changed and disciples.

Are you willing to go be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world?

If you’re looking for other helpful articles like this, head over to our blog now to keep reading.

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