January 19, 2022

5 Essential Cooking Tools You Need in Your Kitchen

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Various Type Of Kitchen Appliances On Worktop In Kitchen

Americans had a wonderful affair with dining out at restaurants. That changed when the pandemic forced most to close down or offer only takeaway for a few months in 2020.

That led to the kitchen revolution. People remembered simple things like the joys of baking bread and treats.

Things may have reopened since then, but 70% of consumers say they’ll still cook at home after the pandemic. It’s healthier and less expensive than eating out often.

If you’re one of them, you might need to stock up on cooking tools for your kitchen. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of cooking to discover that you’re missing an important item.

You don’t need to worry any longer. Continue reading to discover the cooking essentials you need to create tasty meals.

  1. Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are great to make tasty meals on the go. You throw the ingredients in the pot, let it go for hours, and have a meal when you get home from work.

Slow cookers today do so much more than in the past. You can pick up a slow cooker that can steam, sautee, and pressure cook food as well.

  1. Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is the essential cookware you can’t live without. It’s worth it to spend a little more money on a chef’s knife because you’ll use it that often.

Every meal requires some type of chopping, slicing, and dicing. A good knife makes all the difference in making it easy.

  1. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets last forever and they retain heat incredibly well. They’re also flexible enough to make one-skillet meals that go right in the oven.

You can make cornbread, sear meat, and cook seafood on them.

People are intimidated by cast iron skillets because they require seasoning and special cleaning methods. You can learn how to season and clean your skillet at https://barebonesliving.com/blogs/products-notes/steps-for-cleaning-and-seasoning-your-cast-iron.

  1. Hand Blender

Sometimes, a job calls for a hand blender. This is perfect for smoothies, soups, and sauces.

Hand blenders take up little space and they’re easy to use. Keep in mind that not all blenders are created equal. Some don’t chop ice for smoothies or they break easily.

  1. Measuring Spoons and Cups

This seems pretty obvious, but where people make mistakes is that they spend money on cheap plastic cups and spoons.

The markings wear off over time or they break in a couple of weeks. When the markings wear off, you can’t tell the difference between a teaspoon and half a tablespoon.

Get metal measuring cups and spoons. They’re durable and will last a long time.

Don’t Miss Out on These Cooking Tools

It’s easy to think you need every single kitchen gadget available. They might make cooking fun, but when you focus on the essential cooking tools, you’ll enjoy the creativity of cooking.

You just need a few simple items to start with. Then you can expand your cooking essentials collection without breaking the bank.

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