January 19, 2022

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Sometimes, circumstances take a turn for the worst. Although you may be in perfect health right now, that could always change.

At some point, you may find yourself in an accident or recovering from surgery. In such cases, you may not be able to walk and get around as easily as before. If that happens, what can you do?

The short answer is to look into wheelchair rentals. When people need time to recover from a debilitating circumstance, they often turn to electric wheelchair rental services.

A power chair rental can solve several problems and help you get back on your feet. However, there are some things to consider before you rent a wheelchair.

To learn more about this, check out our guide below! We’ll explore all of the necessary information you need to find the best electric chair rental.

Types of Wheelchair Rentals

First, understand that there are several types of wheelchairs you can rent. Each has its purpose; doctors may recommend different models for various reasons.

For example, a physician may recommend you rent a manual wheelchair if they want you to use as much physical strength as possible during your recovery. In many cases, though, doctors may encourage patients to use power wheelchairs.

When looking for a wheelchair rental, first consider the age and size of the user. Several wheelchair types exist that can accommodate every age and size range. However, you want to ensure the chair will remain comfortable for the user.

Second, consider whether the wheelchair will be convenient to transport. Some electric wheelchairs can fold into a smaller shape, allowing you to store them in most vehicle trunks.

Other wheelchairs lack this capability, though. If you end up with one of these models, you may need to rent a van to transport the chair.

Lastly, some wheelchairs have sturdier reinforcements to accommodate other medical conditions. For example, if you have scoliosis, you may find that a chair with robust back support helps ease your back pain.

Where to Find a Wheelchair Rental Service

If either you or a loved one requires a wheelchair for medical reasons, you can always ask your healthcare provider for recommendations. Typically, healthcare providers have contracts with suppliers. As a result, they may only pay for chairs provided by those vendors.

If you need this chair because of a hospital discharge, your hospital case manager can direct you to a vendor that your health insurance plan approves. They may even arrange for them to provide the wheelchair when you leave the hospital.

Sometimes, though, you may have to acquire your wheelchair through other means. In those cases, the Internet is your friend. To get started with your search, type “power wheelchairs near me” in your search engine.

From there, browse around to see who offers the best deal and product for your needs. If you find a group that has something you like, try to get to their location to see it in person.

Before You Rent a Wheelchair

Before you agree to rent a power wheelchair, ask if you can try it out first. See if the chair feels comfortable and handles well.

When you take the chair out for a test drive, make sure it has a full charge. The last thing you want is for it to die when you’re still out and about.

There are other things you should do before agreeing to rent. For example, every renter should ask to see the model so they can inspect it for damage.

Tell the vendor immediately if you see any issues with the chair or its features. Otherwise, you’ll likely lose your security deposit because of another person’s damage.

Also, you may want to ask your vendor if they’ll let you exchange your rental for another model without an extra charge. Even if you like the test drive, you may find down the line that the wheelchair isn’t meeting your needs.

If so, many vendors allow you to drop a model in favor of another. However, this is not a universal rule, so make sure your vendor offers this arrangement.

Long-Term Rentals vs Short-Term

Depending on your condition and why you need the wheelchair, your rental may span varying lengths of time. Some only need their wheelchair for a day or two. Others may require them for a month or longer.

Because of this, you may have to decide between a long-term rental and a short-term one. If so, there are some critical differences to note.

First, a long-term rental may seem more expensive than a short-term rental. But, long-term rentals often charge a cheaper amount than short-term rentals per day.

Calculate the cost per day and see which rate makes more financial sense for you. You may find a long-term rental agreement suits you more in the long run.

However, long-term rentals often require renters to enter a contract. A short-term rental usually won’t need a contractual agreement, but they do charge a security deposit in most cases.

Finally, take your selection into account. Many companies offer a broader selection of wheelchairs for long-term agreements than short-term alternatives. Long-term agreements may also include more wheelchair equipment, such as ramps or power lifts.

Once again, consult your doctor to determine how long you’ll need your wheelchair. From there, determine what makes the most financial sense for your budget.

Find the Best Power Chair Rental Today

If you’ve reached a position where you can’t move as freely as before, rental wheelchairs could be the solution! Consult with your physician today to get their recommendations for your circumstances. From there, start looking for the wheelchair rentals you need!

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other content today.

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