January 19, 2022

5 Common Curtain Hanging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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There are endless possibilities for purchasing and installing window treatments and curtains in your home. Curtains give your home a glamorous look. However, are you capable of choosing heavy drapes for blind privacy or keeping out the winter draft?

Can your gauzy sheers allow sunlight penetration in your room? Even after picking out the right curtain, there is still an installation challenge. Following a guide would help you avoid curtain hanging mistakes made by home decorators.

Know exactly where to place the curtain rod and the correct measurements before shopping. The following are the five mistakes to avoid while hanging your curtains.

Picking Too Short Curtains

Covering your windows with too short curtains indicates you didn’t measure before shopping. It’s critical to take measurements for curtains before purchases. The curtain panels’ bottom should brush the floor.

Having the curtain panels pooling on the floor for a luxurious appearance is a better idea. Whether online or in a store, double-check the size of the curtains, view here for more.

Hanging Narrow Curtains

The purpose of hanging curtains at home is to close for privacy and darken the room. Curtains that aren’t wide enough are unable to fulfill this purpose. For your window to look and function properly, you must choose the ideal curtain width.

There should be an 8 to 15 centimeters extension of the curtain rods beyond the window frames. Adding 16 to 30cm to the window frame’s width gives the appropriate panel width when divided by two.

Choosing the Wrong Height

Lowering the curtain rods in compensation for a too-short curtain might be tempting. Lowering curtains too low would make the window look shorter than the actual size. With a standard ceiling of 244 centimeters, you can hang the curtains 10 to 15 cm above your window frame.

It’s realistic hanging curtains higher with a higher top.

Hanging Curtains That Lack Fullness

The knowledge of the width of every panel ensures the adequacy of coverage. However, the curtain must have more fullness to give your home an aesthetic look. Double or triple the measurements for a luxurious fullness to your window treatment.

Like, buy 200 to 300 centimeters for 100-centimeter width.

Not Taking Time to Iron

Most people skip ironing, but it’s a chore that should not be avoided. Certain types of curtains may have wrinkles. Wrinkles in a curtain don’t often fall out and appear sloppy. Ironing or steaming your curtain before hanging them enhances their beauty.

Learn to Avoid Curtain Hanging Mistakes Today

New window treatment installation can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be challenging to hang curtains correctly. It’s time to avoid the above curtain hanging mistakes and achieve the desired look for your home.

It’s critical to have the correct measurements to find suitable curtains for all the windows in your home.

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