January 19, 2022

A Fresh Take on the Debate

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Few parenting decisions are as important as where to send your child to school. You need to figure out what options you have, including whether or not they should go to public or private school.

Right now, a little more than 47 million students attend public school, while close to 6 million attend private school.

So what should you know about choosing a private school vs. a public school? We break down the pros and cons of each below.

Here’s what you should know when weighing public vs. private schools.

Public School Is Free for Everyone

When choosing private vs. public high school, the cost is often the first factor that gets brought up.

This is a big deciding factor for parents, since public school is free, and private school requires people to come out of their pocket. Private school annual tuition costs about $12,000, according to national averages.

Consider these costs as you put together a budget for your child’s education.

Private Schools Have Small Class Sizes and Areas of Focus

Class size is one of the most important metrics when comparing schools. Many prefer smaller classes sizes since it means more personal attention with the teachers.

Always run the numbers between private school class size vs. public in reference to the schools in your city.

Private schools have an impressive 12.2 student-to-teacher ratio, which can help your young student get the attention that they need.

You might also be concerned about bullying in private schools vs. public schools. While each type of school has the potential for bullying, you’ll appreciate that private schools use discretion with applicants and aren’t obligated to keep any student.

Public Schools Carry Local Traditions

Tradition is everything when it comes to several public high schools. This is where cross-town rivalries come from, and these schools often bring in alumni from all ages and backgrounds during homecoming weekend.

There are high school football program rivalries that have lasted for more than 100 years. If tradition is paramount for your student, public schools might be a good bet.

Private School Might Have Better College Prep Opportunities

Never lose sight of the big picture when choosing a school. It’s important to choose one that will help your young student get to college or their next station in life.

Studies show that private school students tend to score higher on test scores. They also have more college prep opportunities and can help them prepare for the SATs and other matters.

Consider public vs. private school essay prep, since this entrance essay is one of the most important aspects of a college application.

Check out this private school review to know what you’re getting from specific private school options.

Assess Public vs. Private School

Now that you know more about public vs. private school, you’re equipped to make the right choice for your young student. When you use the information above, it’s easier for you to choose an institution that builds your young scholar from the ground up.

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