December 6, 2021

Are Medical Apps Reliable?

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With so many advancements in technology, it’s no surprise that information technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Medical digital transformation supports the maintenance and management of medical information in electronic form, allowing doctors and healthcare professionals to have immediate access to patients’ medical information.

Technology has fueled the field of digital health, a field that combines healthcare, information technology and business. This revolution in the immediate future has brought significant benefits to medical staff as well as patients. So is the medical app reliable?

Avoid going to crowded places to avoid cross-infection

Covid 19 is still complicated in the world, so health organizations still recommend that people should limit gatherings or go to crowded places to reduce the risk of infection. Infected people often have low resistance, so the risk of cross-infection is high, even normal healthy people without proper protection are also very susceptible to infection from others. Therefore, for those who want to take care of their health, choosing the form of home health examination and online health consultation is the first optimal choice.  

Save time, save money

For many people, the hospital is really an obsession when they have to queue up early in the morning to get the number, do the procedures with all kinds of different documents. Each visit to the hospital takes at least a few hours, even an entire day or the next day to complete the examination. For those who live far away, traveling and waiting is not only time-consuming but also costly.

But with online health care, this job becomes much simpler. Just download and install a medical application as simple as any other common application, you can manipulate to make an appointment, choose the doctor you want to consult by specialty and suitable time, all health problems will be solved. consulted and answered by doctors from basic to advanced.

Instead of spending all day waiting and commuting, now, with the video call feature, you fully control your time and proactively organize your work. Sitting at home with a smartphone with medical applications installed, just a few simple taps and you have booked a video consultation appointment with a doctor. When the appointment is scheduled, the doctor will actively video call over the phone to advise and answer health problems as well as assign appropriate tests to assist in identifying medical problems if needed. In addition, when using the medical app, you will enjoy many incentives, discount codes, coupons for examination services as well as medicines.

Set up electronic medical records to easily look up medical history anytime, anywhere

When installing the medical App and using medical services through the application, all information about tests, examinations, imaging tests, functional explorations will be stored on the device. You can actively manipulate and review the results right on the app installed on your phone.

In particular, in addition to personal health records, through the medical application, you can also set up health records for your loved ones to make health management for the whole family easier and more convenient.

Benefits of Digital Health for medical professionals, medical staff

Financial benefits: It is estimated that about 50% of healthcare expenditures are wasted due to inefficient examination, treatment, and care processes. Studies have shown that the financial benefits of implementing medical digital transformation for electronic medical records in major US hospitals range from $37 million to $59 million over 5 years.

Lower medical malpractice cases: A study of 189 Massachusetts medical facilities found that the number of malpractice cases decreased from 49 to 2 after the introduction of electronic medical records.

Faster Lab Results: More than 75% of lab doctors claim that using electronic medical records helps them get results faster than conventional methods.

Faster turnaround: Facilities using medical information technology systems can fully check a patient’s record in just 1.4 hours instead of 3.9 hours when checking with a patient. paper judgment.

Save time: Over 82% of healthcare professionals report that electronic medical records save time and reduce the effort

Benefits of Digital Health for patients

Ease of Access: The Health Digital Transformation Revolution helps patients have direct access to their health records. This helps patients stay informed and involved in their health care. In addition, the system also helps patients better manage their health care.

Better than paper medical records: For diseases like diabetes, electronic medical records can update, reminding patients of their sugar and insulin levels. 34% of diabetics prefer using electronic medical records over paper medical records and more than 60% of patients find it interesting to interact with electronic medical records.

Essentials for Health Information Technology Professionals

Health information technology professionals need to put the security and maintenance of patient information first. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a stable information technology system to collect, store and organize patient medical data. It is important to ensure that patient records are complete, accurate, and readily accessible to the right medical professionals.


The above are the benefits of medical apps, information technology application in healthcare is a potential field and forecast a further development in the future. Health apps have a lot of benefits that make patient care better and easier. And don’t forget to use discount codes and coupons when using medical services. I Hope you are always healthy.

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