December 6, 2021

Luxury Gifts to Get From SSENSE

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Who does not like luxurious gifts? We sure love them. But to find extravagant, top-line designer wear at an affordable price is not an easy task. People spend hours scrolling through retail stores, offering sumptuous stuff at a lower price. Little do they know, the retail store is selling copies or slightly damaged goods.


Luckily, we know of a store that has the most reliable quality fashion items. SSENSE –the multi-brand retailer has been serving us for the longest time. With apparel and accessories for all genders, the brand is going stronger and only expanding its collections.


With the festive season approaching, we know how hard it gets to choose perfect gifts that speak volumes and is one of a kind for our loved ones. The SSENSE discount is an excellent opportunity to buy extravagant, luxurious items at budget-friendly prices.


To help you choose from the massive range of brands available at the SSENSE store, we have narrowed down a list of branded items, which are classy and popularly liked by many.


The Bottega Veneta Green Mini Bag

Something is alluring about opulent fashion brands based in Paris. The material used in their production is of such high quality that the finished products scream its worth. That being said, it is absurd for a commoner to throw thousands on a mini bag.


To express your gratitude and love towards your wife, this bag is a stunner. The parakeet color and the knotted handle accentuate the voluptuous look of this Bottega Veneta bag. The inner is gold-toned and has two zipper pockets to hold your essentials. Avail of the SSENSE discount to purchase this beautiful gift.


We also love the blue patent mini Jodie by Bottega Veneta. The classic Mouchoir tote bag by Maison Margiela is a popular hit and goes with all looks. The signature stitching and unique boat shape of this bag make it an affluent gift.


The Dries Van Noten Sweat Pairs

Streetwear by independent artists that are putting forth their A-game in the New York Fashion Week is available at the SSENSE store. If you know someone who prioritizes and invest in their comfort, the Dries Van Noten sweat pair is your best pick for them.


This creation by the peculiar artist is available in beige colors, and what makes this sweat pair a hit are the pink hands painted all over it. The knitted collar enhances the sweatshirt’s look and the long sleeves make it super comfortable.


The imported cotton blended with French terry graphic pattern makes it an exorbitant gift while other athleisure brand prints are either too common or monotonous. You can also find the knitted alpaca sweater in the color lilac by Dries Van Noten at SSENSE.



The Ring Necklace for Men

It is assiduous to find good accessories for men that look classy, not cheap. A neckpiece with minimal detailing and a sensual look is a classic hit. If the men in your life are into jewels but want to keep their masculine side uptight, they will adore a Maison Margiela necklace with a silver antiquate ring.

The ring can be engraved in your chosen font or you can simply let the logo give the neckpiece an exorbitant look. The piece comes in a brass tone with a 22-inch full length. The semi-polished chain goes with all formal and streetwear looks.


If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is Thanos’s fan then the color-blocked ring by Maison Margiela is your best bet. Not only is it one of a kind but has an immaculate style. The brass tone ring has silver trimmed throughout the band. Avail of the SSENSE discount to get the ring band in the preferred size.


The Pink Doodle Rain Boots

Are you looking for a gift for someone who lives in the rainy region? You couldn’t have found a better gift than Stella McCartney’s rain boots. What makes these boots so opulent is not the softest and comfiest jersey linings but the multi-colored pink doodle sheep art.


These stunning boots are made of cruelty-free material and have a round rubber sole. They are waterproof when paired with a Marc Jacobs Kids Tee, giving the kid all kinds of Hollywood glam look. You can also find the Nike Air Max SC Sneakers in the kids’ range. The air foam keeps the kids’ feet comfortable.


You can also find the fur sneakers by Observatory in the color forest green. The faux-fur looks cute and the rubber sole keeps the foot in comfort. You can use the SSENSE discount to get gifts for the little ones in your family.


SSENSE under its Everything Else section has the wildest yet the most artistic range of miscellaneous items. From futuristic sneaker pairs to a ceramic, handwoven wall art piece. Promoting independent artists and providing them a platform to let the world know of their art is an excellent initiative few stores take.


With many renowned, A-list fashion brands under its roof, SSENSE knows how to keep the sybarite in its customers alive. We hope you use the SSENSE discount to find gifts for your loved ones!

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