January 19, 2022

A Basic Guide to Creating a Safe Work Environment

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According to OSHA, there are 15 workplace-related deaths every day. If you want to minimize death and injury at your place of employment, you need to focus on creating a safe work environment.

Preventing injuries at the workplace and knowing how to keep employees safe should be some of your major priorities as an employer. However, preventing accidents and other workplace catastrophes doesn’t have to be difficult.

Develop a focus on employee safety. Establish some standards of conduct. By doing so, you can reduce harmful incidents and foster employee wellness. Here’s how to make your place of employment a safe workplace.

Codify Written Standards

Formalize in writing some standard operating procedures. Your employees can follow them to ensure their safety in the workplace. Written standards will not only educate employees but will also hold them accountable legally.

Have each of your employees read and sign the standard operating procedures around your workplace. Make sure your SOP’s contain the following.

Hazard Identification

You need to identify every possible hazard at your workplace. For office environments, this can mean things such as slippery floors, sharp corners on desks, or fire risks.

For construction sites, this can include things such as heavy equipment, falling objects, or rough terrain. Identify as many hazards as possible so that your employees know what to watch out for.

Hazard Mitigation

Once you have identified all the potential hazards around your workplace, it’s time for mitigation measures. For the office environment, this could mean doing things like wearing solid footwear or being fire-safe.

For more outdoorsy jobs, this could mean doing things such as wearing hard hats or being properly trained in equipment usage. The more mitigation measures you identify, the safer your employees will be.

Methods of Reporting Violations

Your employees need to feel comfortable reporting violations and that they will be free from retaliation if they do so. Codify a system of anonymous reporting so that future workplace safety violations can come to light.

Host Safe Work Environment Meetings

You need to foster a culture of safety at your workplace, and codifying standards is not enough. You also need to put on meetings and training about how to be safe at the workplace.

Do so once a year to avoid having employees get burned out or complacent during training. Having too many safety meetings is as bad as not having enough to find the proper balance for your work situation.

Have the Proper Safety Equipment

Your approach to safety at the workplace needs to be a three-pronged one. Standardization and education are nothing without the proper equipment.

Your employees need the right tools to stay safe at work. First aid kits are one of the essential ones. Find them here at firstaidsuppliesonline.com/product-category/first-aid-kits/portable-first-aid-kits/.

Workplace Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Fostering a culture of workplace safety is in your company’s and employees’ best interest. A safe work environment produces fewer accidents and leads to employee wellness.

Don’t let your workplace become a hazardous one. Use the information in this guide to ensure that your workplace stays safe and your employees remain healthy. For other important guidance and info, check out the rest of our site!

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